(in)visible is a community driven program that connects queer and trans people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds (QTPOC) aged 18-25 through workshops and events.

The (in)visible crew is made up of QTPOC, who are experts on how well being is articulated and responded to in community. We lead the project in acknowledgement that all too often our service system silos our (queer, faith or multicultural) social realities.

In collaboration with Minus 18, (in)visible is producing an inter-sectional educational resource for school aged young people called “OMG I’m QTIPOC”.

Every fortnight, we meet up to create a space familiar to the attendees. These activities range from:

– Cooking Classes

– Crafting Days

– Panel discussions

– Movie viewings that represent us on screen

– Keynote discussions with QTIPOC leaders

– Pamper days

– Walks in nature

– Learning about other cultures and their queerness

– Engaging with older QTIPOC members

– Make-up classes

– Attending LGBTQIA+ spaces and creating a QTIPOC safe space for attendees

– Creating events that are apart of festivals in CITY OF MELBOURNE

– Video games and pizza

– Queer Iftar

– Reading groups

– Movement and Yoga classes

– Spoken word workshops

– Events centering Queer First Nations Folk

If you have any idea’s on what we should do to support other QTIPOC, send us a message! And if you have any inquires about attending our events (location, price, age, accessibility) also send us a message!