(in)visible connects young queer and trans people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds through community workshops and events.

It is a project by and for young queer and transgender people of color (QTIPOC). (in)visible recognizes that for such young people, their wellbeing is explicitly intersectional. This means a young person’s wellbeing encompasses the position as member of a religious, cultural or ethnic diverse community and their gender and/or sexual identity. A project such as (in)visible acknowledges the unique social context of QTIPOC and how this can result in some feeling they are not accepted in more one or multiple communities.

The (in)visible squad is made of up people who identify QTIPOC. It positions the young QTIPOC as the experts on how wellbeing is articulated and responded to. They lead the project in acknowledgement that all too often our service system often silo’s these (queer or multicultural) social realities. It seeks to provide opportunities to QTIPOC to connect, and to address the exclusions and invisibility they may face. The (in)visible project aims to uplift and project the voices of these young people.   It is providing hope to those who may see a hopeless world.

With HEY Grant funding secured in 2018 the (in)visible team is leading the development of the resource “OMG I am QTIPOC”. This Living Intersections project is building on the relationships and strengths of (in)visible to develop a.consultative resource that will build social connection through increased knowledge of living intersections, knowledge of how to be culturally affirmative, and where QTIPOC can go for support.