Intergenerational Workshops

The drum sees parents, carers, guardians and adults playing a significant role in the lives of young people as vital to their health and wellbeing. For migrant and refugee communities the role of family these family relationship might have unique dimensions, needs and strengths. For parents who grew up outside Australia, and/or who might have not navigated our systems the “teenage” years might bring additional anxieties and complexities. For this reason the way we deliver information to refugee and migrant communities can differ. We have worked with communities to develop formats and information sessions that meet their unique needs and vision for strong families. We are able to collaborate to design activities that are community lead, address generational differences and support families to parent in a new cultural context.

To discuss our intergenerational workshops please contact our youth and communities manager Chantelle Higgs by calling on 9663 6733 or via email.