Workout One Transcription


How it works: There will be 9 rounds, 3 minutes per round, and we just do the same exercises until the timer ends. We have a small scale exercise in between each round. Feel free to follow along with my timer, or start your own


Hey Team hows it going? My names Rex and I’m a trans masc guy living in Aotearoa, and today I’m going to take you through a 30 minute high intensity interval training routine exercise that incorporates shadow boxing and some kick boxing.


The way this works is, there’s going to 9 rounds, each round is going to be 3 minutes per round, and we just do whatever exercises are up over and over again until the round ends. In between that we will have an active recovery rest, today we will be doing 20x Butt Kicks between each exercise.


Before we get into it I do recommend going and having a good decent stretch, I know (in)visible has some yoga videos up so check those out. Yoga is not only good for your muscles but I find it’s really good to connect back in with your body. Through my journey with exercise I've found the most important thing is listening into that, and being in tune to what you feel. I know that as queer people sometimes it can be hard to connect in with the physical self, and I’ve found yoga a really good practice, and habit to get into for connecting back, and groudning yourself in your body. So check out those videos then jump back here if you want to have a 30 minute high intensity interval training workout.


As I mentioned earlier we are going to be incorporating a bit of shadow boxing in this workout, so I’ll take you through the basic punches before we get into it. And on that note I just want a quick shout out to my club insta: @9round_wellingtoncbd (they post workout routines similar to their story if anyone wants to check out further exercises like this) They’re pretty cool cats there, taught me everything I know about boxing. So shout out to that team. I’ll take you through those punches now.


So in your fighter stance there team. I stand with my left foot forward, some people will stand with their right foot forward. Do whatever feels comfortable for your body. Whatever foot is forward that hand is going to be all your odd numbers, so 1,3,5. Whatever foot is back that’s all your evens, 2,4,6.


So for your 1 what you want to do is bounce off your back foot and turn in your front hip and hit the 1. Similarly for your 2 what you want to do is turn your rear hip in as you throw your 2, that is where all your power comes from, the turn of the hip. Together it will look like 1,2,1,2. That’s your basic 1 and 2 - your jab and cross. Now for your 3’s and 4’s, your hooks, again fighters stance. When hitting your 3 you want to turn in that front hip as you bring your hook around. And similarly for your 4 you want to turn in that rear leg when you bring around the 4. For your uppercuts, your 5’s and 6’s, for your 5 you want to spring off your front leg, so you kind of want to come down and up. For your 6 you want to do that off your back leg, so back and up.


So that’s the basic punches there, but I will take you through those again when we get to that round. For this workout, most of it is strength based training, but I have macgyvered a few things around home to help us out if you are in need of some sort of weight. So for this routine you’re going to need:

2x cans/2x bottles of water (the same size filled with the exact same amount of water),

1x heavy bottle filled with something (could be a soda bottle filled with water, oil bottle etc) 2x pieces of paper, and a chair as well. Once you have that sorted, jump back in.


WARM UP: This is just going to be a warm up round, just some basic warm ups for the joints we will be using the most of. I don't recommend this in place of a good stretch. So we’re going to be doing 10x shoulder rolls, we’ll do 10x cross stretches, and we’ll do 10x tricep stretches as well. So I’ll just start that 3 minute timer and we’ll continue to do 10 sets of each until the timer runs out.


ONE: Finish up the stretches that you are on and we’ll jump into round 1.So round 1 is going to be 20x high knees, and 5x walk out to push ups. So you just want to walk up, push up, and walk back. So that 5 times, and 20 high knees. I’ll chuck the timer on now.


TWO: Finish up what you’re doing. We’ll jump into 20x butt flicks/kicks. So this round you’re going to need your 2 cans or 2 bottles of water. So while holding our cans we’re going to go 1,2,1,2 10x. So 1,2,1,2 thats one, 1,2,1,2 that’s two. And then, again with your cans, your going to come down to a bent position and you’re going to go Y, T, I 20x unless you have a heavier weight then do it 10.


THREE: Finish whatever exercise you’re on and we’ll go into 20 butt flicks/kicks. So for round three we’re going to be doing some shadow boxing. So the first combo we’re going to be going 1,2,3 and then a front teep. A teep is pretty much like you’re kicking somebody away from you, up and out. So 5x1,2,3, front teep.. Then after that we’ll do 5x sprawls. So for a sprawl you want to keep your arms straight, look ahead of you, hips down to the ground, one. Then we’re going to go - 1,4,5, rear teep. So bring that rear leg that forward and kick it out. So 1,4,5 rear teep 5x. So i’ll start that timer.


FOUR: Finish up whatever combo you’re on and lets do 20 butt flicks/kicks. For this next exercise you’re going to need your chair as well as your 2 cans or 2 bottles again. The cans are optional, I’m going to use them but feel free not to. With your chair you’re going to do is 10x tricep dips. Keep your back close to the chair, and just go up and down. If its too hard when you straighten your legs, just bend them/bring them closer. Once you’ve done 10 of those, we’re going to do 20x sit ups with 1,2s at the top.


FIVE: Finish up that exercise you’re on and we’ll jump into those 20 butt flicks/kicks again. Sweet, so we’ll get rid of that chair, we don’t need that anymore. This round is going to be 10x sumo scissors and 5x plank to push ups (each side). Sumo scissors are like this, so that’s the scissor and that’s the sumo squat, so 10 of those. And then 10x plank to push ups so come down on your elbows to a plank position and just push up. We’re going to do 10x of both in total, for the plank to push ups do 5 each side. I’ll start that timer.


SIX: Finish whatevers you’re on and lets do 20 butt kicks/flicks. Great, so this next round you’re going to need your 2 pieces of paper. What we’re going to do is lay those on the floor. We’re going to do 20x mountain climber sliders. For those, come down to a position like a plank pose, with the pieces of paper under your feet, and slide up and down alternatively. Then we’re going to do 10x surrenders so 5 each leg. So come down to your knees, one leg at a time, and come back up. The point of that exercise is to only use your legs on the way up


SEVEN: Finish whatever you’re on. Let's get into 20 butt kicks/flicks. So for this round, we’re going to be doing 8x pike push ups. Get into a position kind of like a downward dog, push to your forehead and back up. If that’s too hard for you, just come down to your knees, lift your feet up. Then we’re going to do 20x squats. I’ll start that timer now


EIGHT: Finish your exercises whatever set your own and let's do 20 butt flicks/kicks. For this round you’re going to need that heavy bottle. We’re going to be doing 10x plank tucks. Get into a plank position and tuck your feet in and out. Do that 10 times, and then with your heavy bottle 10 x tricep extensions. So arms over your head, bring them down and back up. You can either do that standing or kneeling. Keep your elbows in tight. I’ll start that timer now.


NINE: Grab a drink if you need, wipe your sweaty face that’s what I’m going to do. 10 butt kicks - I said 10 but I meant 20 so hopefully you did 20. This is our last round here team, so well done, congratulations for making it to the end. In this round we’re going to be doing 10x folding chairs and 10x side to side ankle taps. So the folding chairs, what you want to do is lie flat on your back, and then bring your knees and chest up to meet in the middle. To make it harder don’t let your feet touch the ground, just do 10 in one continuous motion. For the side to side ankle taps, get into a sit up position, and peel your shoulders off the ground, then tap your ankles side to side -  left hand to left ankle/right hand to right ankle.


That’s time there team, well done. That’s it for the 30 minute HIIT workout routine. I hope you enjoyed it and managed to get a decent sweat up. I recommend going and checking out another yoga video for a nice warm down stretch over on (in)visible. Hope everybody is staying safe and well in their bubble. Thank you for joining me :)