Workout Two Transcription


How it works: There will be 9 rounds, 3 minutes per round, and we just do the same exercises until the timer ends. We have a small scale exercise in between each round. Feel free to follow along with my timer, or start your own


Hey team, what’s going on? My name is Rex and I am a trans masc guy living in Aotearoa. Today I’m going to run you through a 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout routine that incorporates boxing and kickboxing. Big shout out to the club I usually train at insta: @9round_wellingtoncbd, they’ve been a big aid on my exercise journey and I stole most of this from them. Big shout out to those guys.


Before we get into it, I do recommend going and having a good decent stretch. Check out the yoga videos already up on (in)visible, and then jump back in here and we can get into it.


I’m just going to run you through some basic punching that we’ll be doing today in our shadow boxing. So in your fighter's stance, I stand with my left foot forward, but some people will stand with their right foot forward. Do whatever feels comfortable for your body.


Whatever foot is forward that hand is your odd numbers 1,3,5. Whatever foot is back that hand is your even numbers, 2,4,6. So with your 1, what you want to do is bounce off your back foot while turning your front hip in then hit the 1. And for your 2, you want to turn in your rear hip so it comes around, and that's when you throw your 2. Now with your hooks, your 3’s and 4’s, when you hit your 3 you want to turn in your front hip and when you hit your 4 you want to turn in your back hip. With your 5’s and 6’s, with your 5 you want to come off your front leg, with your 6 you want to come off your back leg, and punch up. That’s the basic, but we’ll run over that again when we get to that round.


The way I’ve designed this work out, most of it will be based on your body weight, but I have macgyvered a few things around the home to help us out if we don’t have access to dumbbells or things like this. So what you’re going to need for this one is


2x cans or 2x bottles of water the exact same size filled with the exact amount of water. 1x washing basket and 1x chair.


WARM UP: For the warm up round we’re just going to do 10x runners stretch. Which is just coming down to the ground, putting one leg forward, leaning into it, knees over ankles, and the same on the other side. Then 10x side lunges. Then 10x bent leg crescent (or if you don’t know what they’re called until later, like me, 10x crescent moons) Let's get into it


ONE: Finish whatever stretches you are on and we’ll jump into the first round. I forgot to mention at the start that in between each round we’re going to be an active recovery. For today’s active recovery lets do 2x cobras between each round. Cobra is when you come down to a push up, then move your body side to side, then push back up.


For this first round we’re going to do 20x starjumps, then we’re going to do 10x frogs. For a frog, come down to a squat position, put your elbows between your knees, and push your hips up and back down.


TWO: Finish whatever set you’re on and grab a drink of water if you need. Lets drop down for 2x cobras. For this next round we’re going to do 5x 2 push ups to a half burpee - come down to a push up position, you can push up from your knees if you want, if thats easier. As you come up on that second push up, jump up into a squat position, then back down for 2 more push ups. Then we’ll do 10x shoulder taps - get into a plank position, keep your hips nice and still and tap opposite hand to opposite shoulder.


THREE: Finish whatever set you’re on and let's do 2x cobras. Grab a drink of water, and if at any time the cobras become too much, just push up from your knees. This next round is a round of shadow boxing. I’ll take you through 3 combos and we’re going to do 10x sets of each combo over and over again. The first combo is going to be 1,1,2,3, and then your rear leg, you're going to bring up for a rear knee. So 1,1,2,3, rear knee - with that knee you want to push your hips out and up when you hit it that’s where all the power comes from. So 1,1,2,3, rear knee, that's the first combo. The second combo is going to be 1,3,5,2, then you’re going to switch the knee. So that front foot you’re going to just jump so it’s backwards, then bring that up to hit. 1,3,5 - so it’s all coming from that front foot. 1,3,5,2, switch knee. The third combo is - 3,6,3,2,5 so all punching. 3,6,3,2,5. I’ll start that timer.


FOUR: Finish whatever set you’re on, grab some water. Lets go down for 2x cobras. So this round you’re going to need those 2 cans or 2 bottles of water. What you want to do is hold them out in front of you and go down for a squat. We’re going to do that 20x. Then your skaters what you want to do is, it’s kind of like roller skating, so jump to one side and land on one foot and back to the other side. We’re going to do that 20x as well. So 20x squats with cans/water bottles out in front and 20x skaters


FIVE: Let's do 2x cobras. This next round you’re going to need your 2 cans or 2 bottles of water. We’re going to do 10x thrusters, so hold your cans up at shoulder height, come down to a squat and on your way up push up. Then we’re going to do 10x kick outs (5 each side) a kick out is kind of like break dancing. Come down to the floor, and you want to kick the opposite leg out to each side. So your right leg goes to the left, and your left leg goes to the right.


SIX: Down for 2x cobras. In this next round you’re going to need that chair and your basket. With the chair you’re going to lie on it so just your shoulder are touching it, make a bridge with your body, and you want to thrust up. If you want to make it more challenging put a weight on your pelvis and thrust up with that. Make sure to keep your shoulders to the chair and your core tight. With your washing basket, what you want to do is turn it upside down and do some toe taps, so like a high knee motion, but making sure your toes tap the basket. 20x toe taps, 8x hip thrusters on the chair, or if the chair is too much just do a glute bridge on the floor. Same sort of thing, except its just your shoulders on the floor, pushing up.


SEVEN: Alright team, get rid of your chair and your basket, and lets get down for 2x cobras. This round we’re going to do 10x Mt Everest Climbers, then 5x tuck jumps, 5x squat jumps. For your Mt Everest climbers, much like the running stretch, come down to the ground to a plank pose, and instead of pulling your legs to the centre, pull them to the side of your body. Tuck jumps - you’re just wanting to tuck your knees as much as you can towards your chest in the air. Squat jumps - into a squat, jump up, and back down to a squat - try to have soft knees when you land. Lets jump in.


EIGHT: Lets get down for 2x cobras. These last two rounds are going to be ground work. So grab a towel if you’re as sweaty as me. For this eighth round we’re going to do 10x flutter kicks, 10x scissor kicks, 10x butterfly sit ups.  Flutter kicks - lie on you back, put your hands under your butt if you need, and move your legs up and down like you’re swimming in a pool. Scissors - cross your legs over and under one another. Butterfly sit ups - in a sit up position, with the soles of your feet touching and your knees facing out, then sit up. So lets get 3 minutes on the clock and start those.


NINE: That one was hard on the old core there. Grab a drink of water if you need, and we’ll drop down for 2x cobras here we go. So for our ninth and final round, we’re going to do some more core stuff. Were going to do 20x ab bikes, 10x plank hip dips/plank side to side. So for ab bikes you want to come down to lie on your back, and pull your opposite elbow to your opposite knee, while sending the other leg out straight. It should look like a bicycle motion. Then your plank hip dips/plank side to side. Come into a plank position, and then drop your hips side to side.


That is time there everyone. That was the ninth and final round, so that concludes this round of 30 minute HIIT workout. I recommend jumping on to (in)visible and checking out their yoga routines, and having a nice deep stretch and a nice cool down. Thank you for joining me on this, hopefully you got a nice decent workout out of it, and got just as sweaty as I did. Cheers everybody.