Youth Peer Leader Program


Running since 2013 our youth peer leader program (YPL) creates real opportunities for young people to build and utilise their leadership skills & to have influence over their local community.

The YPL program recognises that young folks hold valuable experimental knowledge that is vital to how we design and deliver our services as well as to creating the kind of world they want to exist in.

It also provides tangible leadership and employment pathways for the communities we seek to assertively engage. We are committed to making sure that young folk that who don’t always have the same opportunities as their peers are employed. This includes those:

  • Living in public housing;
  • Who identify as LGBTQI+;
  • From diverse religious, cultural, ethnic and ‘racial’ backgrounds
  • International students.

Exciting changes! We’ve grown!

Initially the Youth Peer Leader program was funded by the City of Melbourne for our Youth Services. This meant that young people need to demonstrate that they live, who live, work or have a strong connection to Carlton and Parkville.

From July 2017 we are psyched to deliver this program for young people who live on the Richmond and Collingwood housing estates. We are funded by City of Yarra to do this! Thanks Yarra!  Watch this space for more info on our recruitment in this area.

What can you expect?

If you are interested in an YPL position with us you will need to go through our recruitment process. We try to make this as less stressful as possible by having info sessions and creating opportunities for people to volunteer when they are passionate about community but haven’t been involved in ‘formal’ types of community involvement. The application process usually involves a written component and an interview. Our peer leaders are involved in every stage of this so- you will be surrounded by smiling and supportive faces.

If you offered a position, you can expect to work as part of our team for 12 months. We have two YPL each financial year (July to December). In this time, you will receive some ‘in-house’ training that is designed to build professional skills for working in the community sector. You will be working with our team to then consult with local young people about their aspirations and concerns. This is part of our co-design process, where young people are able to make recommendations on how to respond to what they have heard from their peers. Then you are often involved in the delivery of these activities.

How can I apply?

Our application process opens in June/July each year and can be viewed here.

Because applying for a job and especially a dream job like a peer lead can make folks nervous we hold information sessions about the program and how to apply. We usually do this in the months in the lead up to recruitment. So, watch this space for times and places for young folks to come along and learn more about what would be involved and how to apply.

How can you build a strong application?

We know that young people are often really passionate about their community but might not have gone to uni, had paid work or done volunteer work. To support young folks like this we create volunteering opportunities in our team. You should give us a call to chat more about volunteering with us if you want get a sense of what it’s like to work with the drum and to make your application

What’s are we looking for in potential youth peer leaders?

  • A strong connection to Carlton/Parkville (live, work, study, play)
  • Passion for your community or social justice?
  • Be a good team player
  • A commitment to being part of our team for 12 months
  • Ideas about issues for young people in the local area
  • Demonstrated involvement in the community

And, because you are working with young people all youth peer leaders need to get a Working with Children Check and a Police Check. Getting these two things that we would help you with when you are successful.