Individual support


During Covid-19

Individual support will pretty much work the same way as before, however for everyone’s safety we will do phone/ video chats instead of in person catch ups.

A few examples of support young people have been asking for during the pandemic are;


  • Financial assistance
  • Rent relief
  • Assistance with bills
  • Food packages
  • Linking in with community etc
  • Mental health support

If there are other things you need support around that are related to Covid-19 or otherwise you can get in touch and we can have a chat about what options are available and how we can best support you. We acknowledge this is a stressful and unique time right now. You can check out these resources for more information on support available during Covid-19. If you have social media, you can stay up to date and connect with us on our platforms! (see links at the bottom of this page)

What we do:

Are you living in or visit friends in the City of Melbourne?
We can help you out! We support young people aged 12-25 who live, play, study and work in City of Melbourne in a diverse range of areas.

Soo…. how can you help me?

Youth & Family Practitioners can help you in lots of different ways! Here is a list of examples with what we’ve helped with :

  • Job applications
  • CV/ Resume creation or editing
  • Assistance with High School, Uni and Tafe enrolments
  • Linking in with community groups, sports clubs, fun youth events etc
  • Guidance on career pathways
  • Applications for available Peer Leader Programs
  • Centerlink application assistance
  • Alcohol & Drug related support
  • Family support
  • Wellbeing and mental health support

There are heaps of different areas people need support in and different questions you might have , so even if you don’t see what you need on the list above still get in touch ! We will figure out how we can work together to reach your goals, or other ways to support your wellbeing.

What can I expect?

Call or email intake (see ‘CONTACT’ above) to get in touch with a  Youth & Family Practitioner. They will organize a time to catch-up!

  • The first catch up is a chance for us to chat about some goals and areas in your life you would like support in (some people like to brainstorm these goals and areas of support together, others prefer to come prepared with some ideas or a list – either way is fine).
  • We will go through a consent and confidentiality form together (this takes around 5 minutes). These forms are important to ensure we know how to contact you for urgent things. We keep this information confidential. If you’re underage we’ll need a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • We will chat for around 30 – 50 minutes, so put aside some time for this!
  • At the end we might set up another time to check in at a later date.

You are welcome and encouraged to ask questions along the way – it is important to us to be on the same page about everything we discuss.

Our Youth & Family Practitioners:


Shukura is a queer woman of colour with experience supporting young people to discover and develop their passions and life skills, connect with community and improve their mental health and wellbeing. Shukura has a background working in LGBTIQ family violence and in empowering young people through skateboarding programs and music workshops. Shukura has qualifications in community development and strives to work inclusively with young people of all backgrounds and identities with a gentle, empathetic and trauma informed approach. In her role as a Youth & Families Practitioner at the drum Shukura provides individual support to young people across the City of Melbourne. In her spare time Shukura enjoys playing guitar, shooting hoops, making beats, ceramics, cooking and reading.