Individual support


What we do:

Individual support is about working with youth aged 12- 25. We support young people who live, play, study and work in City of Melbourne (that also includes Kensington & Parkville).  Read on below on what kind of things we help with and how it all goes down!


Soo…. how can you help me?

We can help and support you on a range of things! Below is a list of tasks and goals we have worked in the past with people who have reached out to us:

  • Job applications
  • Networking (both personal & professional)
  • Help create or tidy up your CV/resume
  • Help choose and fill out forms for enrolling in high school and university
  • Linking up to sports clubs and groups
  • Guidance on career pathways
  • Help apply for other peer leader program initiatives that are available
  • Guidance on how to get your license
  • Court case appearances & support
  • Alcohol & Drug related support
  • Family support & grief
  • Wellbeing and mental health

Although these are just some of the things we have helped with, we are open to helping with other things that aren’t on the list.