Our people

Our team is multi-disciplinary with a range of skills and training, lived experience and passion for young people and social justice. It also reflects our commitment to affirmative employment. We believe we have a responsibility to build the communities we work within by creating real and meaningful pathways into employment. We also know that by ensuring our workforce is reflective of the communities we work with, their unique and vital knowledge is remains central through a process of co-design. In other words, it ensures our programs are by and for young people and diverse communities.

The youth services team use their individual and collective passion and commitment for young people, alongside theoretical and experiential knowledge/training to harness the aspirations, potential and skills of local young people. Our focused and intentional work to engage ‘at risk’ and disengaged young people builds and maintains pathways to support and opportunities.

Our skills and expertise activates our strong youth development framework, including within drummond street’s evidence-based, family-centered community and family practice model.

Akolda Bil, Youth Peer Leader(he/him pronouns)

Bexx Djentuh-Davis, Senior Youth Development Practitioner(she/her pronouns)

Chantelle Higgs, General Manager of Youth and Community(she/her pronouns)

Claire Bostock, Youth Peer Leader(they/them pronouns)

Fardowsa Nur, Youth Peer Leader(she/her pronouns)

Idil Ali, Senior Youth Development Practitioner(she/her pronouns)

Ruby Cameron, Youth Development Practitioner(they/them pronouns)

Sabrina Adem, Youth Peer Leader(she/her pronouns)

Sandra Tay, Senior Youth Development Practitioner(she/her pronouns)

Sarah Nega, Family and Community Development Practitioner(she/her pronouns)

Shukura Chapman, Youth & Families Practitioner(she/her)