How can we help?

Sometimes young people need someone to talk to in a confidential way. It could be about something that is bothering you. Or it could be that you find it hard to talk to your friends or family about something.

Other times young people might need some practical assistance when times seem hard. It could be for example when you finish up at school, have problems at home or perhaps you might need help with getting Centrelink payments or finding a place to live.

If you are, or know someone who is 12 – 25 years old and live, work or have a strong connection to Carlton or Parkville then we can try to help. We can provide individual support in different ways including case work and counselling.

Sometimes young people don’t know what to expect with individual support or counselling. Other times they are reluctant about seeking help. We try to make this as easy and as positive experience as we can. Our team are from diverse backgrounds (like the communities we work with) and are passionate about providing affirmative experiences no matter what is happening for a young person. They will provide a private space, give young people the time and a place to talk through what is happening or not going so well and enable them to come up with solutions.

Young people often access support when experiencing any one or more of these things:

  • Feeling stressed out
  • Feeling sad, angry or overwhelmed
  • Being worried about friendships & relationships
  • Confusion about sexuality & sexual health
  • Conflict in the family or home
  • Family violence
  • Being concerned about or having issues at school, TAFE or uni
  • Confusion about education & employment next steps
  • Feeling lonely & isolated
  • Bullying at school, work or online
  • Worried about body image
  • Want to learn more about impacts of drugs and alcohol
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Needing legal advice for things like fines and court appearances
  • Financial issues like scholarships, bills and other debts
  • Want to connect with a youth friendly doctor or other medical practitioner


The information that a young person shares the drum staff member is private and confidential unless:

  • You are being hurt by others
  • You are hurting yourself
  • You are hurting someone else

If your worker is worried about your safety, they will always talk with you before contacting others.

Help Online

If you are looking for further help online, click here for some useful links.

Where can we see young people?

The drum uses outreach to engage with young people needing support. We can also use these spaces to connect with someone:

  • University High
  • Community space at 480 Lygon Street, Carlton
  • Kathleen Symes Library and Community Centre
  • Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre

We also offer after hours care and holiday programs for primary aged children living in and around public housing estates, please visit our Live Wires page for more information about this service!