Queerspace Youth

Queerspace Youth is a peer-led program for Queer, Trans, non,binary, Intersex, Gender Diverse or questioning people aged 16-25 years old.

We run fortnightly groups and regular events including mental health and sexual health workshops, movie nights, art and music workshops as well as skill and capacity building activities where you can hang out and make new friends and build community.

Queerspace Youth is funded by the City of Melbourne and Queerspace


Who runs these programs?

During Covid19 lockdown, young people from QSY submitted artwork for our first collaborative zine (pronounced like magazine). A self-published collection of queer and trans art in isolation.  To have at ‘Alone, Together: Queer Art in Iso’  see our Resources below!

Queerspace Youth is proudly funded by the City of Melbourne

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