Live Wires

LiveWires is a much loved after school and holiday program activity for primary school aged children on the Collingwood Housing Estate. It has been supporting and engaging children for 15 years, with Drummond Street taking on the responsibilities since 2020. 

Live Wires is a community development program. It seeks to build resilience, foster creativity, and enhance learning for Collingwood’s children. Live Wires provides healthy meals, creative and expressive outlets, recreational and sports activities, play-based approaches to numeracy and literacy, and peer leadership programs.

Drummond street and the drum youth service are excited to continue to support children by providing them with opportunities to regulate their emotions, feel safe and create avenues for improved trust.

The After-School Program runs on Wednesday and Thursday from Afterschool to 5:30pm.

Wednesdays @ the Collingwood Neighbourhood House, 253 Hoddle St.

Thursdays @ the YouthSpace, 253 Hoddle St.

You can learn more about Live Wires here.

To register a child for the Live Wires program you can contact :

Eva on 0478 834 490 or 9663 6733


Meet the Team!

The following people help run and facilitate the Live Wires program:


Eva (she/her)
Live Wires Practitioner – Wednesdays and Thursdays

Eva is passionate about working with young people in the community space. She loves celebrating strengths and learning new things. Eva has worked with children and young people for over 10 years. She also has experience working in disability services, and at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Eva began co-ordinating the LiveWires afterschool program in 2022 and is excited to use her Social Work degree to continue building on respectful skills, communication, and community connection.


Ewinia (she/her)
Live Wires Practitioner – Wednesdays

Ewinia has been working at Drummond Street for 8 years. In this time, she has worked closely with pre-school children, primary school children, the elderly, and families. She has been volunteering in the Collingwood area for over 10 years. Ewinia studied Community Services 4 years ago and this qualification has helped to develop her knowledge and skills to better work with her community. Ewinia uses her Mandarin, Cantonese, Indo and English language skills, alongside her deep community understanding, to help bridge social gaps and ensure everyone feels supported.


Fakiha (Kiha) (she/her)
Live Wires Peer Support – Thursdays

Kiha is a proud member of the Ethiopian community in Collingwood. Kiha volunteered work with Food Security Org. distributing relief meals during COVID-19. She is currently studying nursing – once graduated, Kiha aims to aid her community by acting as a kind and welcoming support person when receiving health and welling support. She loves to be part of celebrations and activities to support social connection and celebrate cultural heritage for everyone.


Tom (he/him)
Live Wires Peer Support – Thursdays

Tom is a qualified childcare worker and has been working in childcare for 7 years. Tom has been working in the community for a long time! He has worked at Connie Benn under the Fitzroy flats and at Gold St Child Care just up the road in Collingwood. Tom loves working with young people, and he is excited for new experiences and to expand his skills now working with the LiveWires kids!


Shiv (she/ her)
Live Wires Peer Support – Wednesday and Thursdays

Shiv has graduated Youth Work and loves to be part of the community here. She has been working as a part of the Live Wires team for six months and has a focus on developing a sense of belonging, participation, strength-based practice and fostering an inclusive environment.



Placement students

We also welcome placement students to support our team, develop their skills and gain experience. Students from programs such as: Youth Work, Social Work, Community service, Psychology, Art Therapy, and Case Management. They are enthusiastic about connecting with community and having fun with the kids! These students are a valuable addition to our team as they bring a fresh perspective, each have their own history and cultural understandings, and are very excited to learn.