Boys Group+ : Partnered with and held at the Venny

Boys Group+ runs for 8 weeks during school term on Friday nights from 5:30-8pm, at the Venny in Kensington. We hang out, eat dinner together and have fun!

Boys Group+ is a social and emotional support program for 8-16 year old’s. Boys Group+ seeks to provide kids and young people with positive role models and encourages expression of feelings and emotions.

This program is co-run by kids and young people, so we want to hear what you want to be doing and how you like to have fun! If you are male identifying and want a comfortable place to express yourself, then this program might be for you.

The pick up point is at the North Melbourne Community Centre, where staff from the DRUM, transport young people to the Venny in Kensington, for more information please contact the Drum on 03 9663 6733

the Venny

The Venny is a free communal backyard and safe space for children aged 5 to 16 located in JJ Holland Park, Kensington. The Venny has been in the park for over 40 years and has a rich history within the Kensington Community. It is a space where kids can engage in risk-taking play, creativity, and connectedness with other young people. The Venny supports children and families helping to fill gaps in systems when they appear. We connect with community, schools, support agencies, families to provide a wrap-around support network.


Boys Group+ is proudly funded by the City of Melbourne

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