Underground Women



During Covid-19

Individual support will pretty much work the same way as before, however for everyone’s safety we will do phone/ video chats instead of in person catch ups.

A few examples of support young people have been asking for during the pandemic are;

  • Financial assistance
  • Rent relief
  • Assistance with bills
  • Food packages
  • Linking in with community etc
  • Mental health support

If there are other things you need support around that are related to Covid-19 or otherwise you can get in touch and we can have a chat about what options are available and how we can best support you. We acknowledge this is a stressful and unique time right now. You can check out these resources for more information on support available during Covid-19. If you have social media, you can stay up to date and connect with us on our platforms! (see links at the bottom of this page)

What we do   

Underground Women is a space for young women aged 12 – 25 to come together and do amazing things. UGW is a community of strong, fierce, intelligent, complex and welcoming women. It’s free and we provide delicious snacks.

Underground Women is facilitated by Sian, a youth development practitioner who is passionate about delivering creative programs for young women and Sabrina, a youth peer leader who brings a wealth of skills, passion and good vibes to the program.  Sian and Sabrina support local young women to plan fun and interesting activities, learn and share new skills and make positive connections with one another and the local community. Past and current activities include cultural dance workshops,  baking, jewellry making, basketball and soccer, roller sking, podcasting and film making with our partners Signal Arts.

What happens in these programs?



Term 1 2020

Carlton – Kathleen Syme Library – 251 Faraday Street Carlton. Rooms vary based on availability so make sure you check on the screen located at the front to see which room we are in.

North Melbourne Community Centre 49 – 53 Buncle Street North, North Melb. We move around the centre but you will be able to find us in either the drum youth space, the stadium, games room or kitchen.

How can you attend?

If you are new to the program  (or you know someone) who might need some encouragement or support to attend, just give us a holla and one of the drum’s friendly team members can help this happen.

the drum registration form should have all the deets you need, and also for your parent, guardian or carer. The form outlines what the Underground Women activities are, including ours and your responsibilities. We also need emergency contact details, we usually don’t need them, but just in case we need to contact your parent, guardian or carer in case of an emergency. It is also useful to know – and if we don’t ask – we don’t know about any spiritual, health, dietary and wellbeing needs you may have.

If you are under 18 the registration form needs to be signed by your parent, carer or guardian to complete registration form.

If you are over 18 you can sign this for yourself but we’ll still need some emergency contact details.

We absolutely keep your information confidential and we respect your privacy.

If you want to be super organised and bring the registration form on your first visit to the program. Otherwise, we can provide a paper copy when you attend the program.

Who runs the programs?


Siân started with the drum in September 2019 as a Youth Development Practitioner and takes the lead on the Underground Women’s Program. Siân thrives working alongside young women to deliver creative programs that are designed by young women for young women.

Sabrina has been working with the drum for over a year now, starting out as a Youth Peer Leader she is currently a Peer Leader working on the Underground Women’s program.

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