Underground Women


What can you expect?

Underground Women is a space for young women of colour to create, learn, explore and express themselves. UGW is a community of strong, fierce, intelligent, complex and welcoming women

Underground Women is facilitated by Wafa, a the drum youth peer leader program graduate as well as an all-round amazing person, who knows and is committed to her local communities. Wafa does this in collaboration with Idil, one of the drum’s youth development practitioners. Wafa and Idil support local young women to plan fun and interesting activities, learn and share new skills and make positive connections with one another and the local community.

In the last twelve months the Underground Women crew have organised sewing workshops, soccer games, movie nights,  dj’ing workshops, combined fun and learning adventures including exploring the City of Melbourne and beyond and what is has to offer; Melbourne Theatre, National Gallery of Victoria) and visit and connect with other inner city young folk such as the Block Party in Fitzroy.

Is permission required?

Short answer – yes. Click on this link to complete simple registration form.

ALSO – You can just turn up and meet other young women with a connection to Carlton and Parkville. If you start attending regularly we will ask you to complete a registration form.

Why do you need to complete a registration form?

the drum registration form should have all the dets you need, and also for your parent, guardian or carer. The form outlines what the All Girlz Zone’s activities are, including ours and yours responsibilities. We also need emergency contact details, we usually don’t need them, but just in case we need to contact your parent, guardian or carer in case of an emergency. It is also useful to know – and if we don’t ask – we don’t know about any spiritual, health and wellbeing needs you may have.

If you are under 18 the registration form needs to be signed by your parent, carer or guardian to complete registration form.

If you are over 18 you can sign this for yourself but we’ll still need some emergency contact details.

We absolutely keep your information confidential and we respect your privacy.

If you want to be super organised and bring the registration form on your first visit to the program click here. Otherwise, we can provide a paper copy when you attend the program.

How do I get there?

The community hub is on Lygon Street, between Palmerston Street and Alexander Parade. It is on the Carlton Public Housing Estate, at the bottom of the 480 tower.

To get here, you can catch tram number 1 or 8 and the closest stop is 113 or bus 200 or 200/207 combined.

Can we help you attend?

If you are new to Carlton & Parkville and you want (or you know someone) who might need some encouragement or support to attend, just give us a holla and one of the drum’s friendly team members can help this happen.

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