The Drum Yarra

the drum Yarra is thankful for the ongoing support from Yarra city council to help us offer services for young people (aged 12-25 yrs) who live, work, study and play in Richmond and Collingwood. We run several programs across city of Yarra, including Richmond Girls Club, Richmond Mix, Collingwood Youth Drop-In, RYMS and school holiday activities.

We’re grateful to have recently been awarded the Collingwood and Richmond Youth Grant 2020-2023 enabling us to continue and grow our work alongside young people on the Collingwood and Richmond Estates for the next 3 years. Thank you to the local community, City of Yarra and our other funders and partners for believing in our work!

Who helps run the drum Yarra?

Meet Ria!
Youth Development Practitioner (she/they)

Ria has been working alongside young people since she was a young and somewhat confused person herself! She started working as a youth facilitator when she was 17 and learned a lot about what it means to listen to and work with young people of all identities. She has prioritised supporting young POC and has worked with development agencies based in India to promote sexual health and autonomy. They now co-run a Naarm-based non-profit that focusses on engaging young people in social change through local arts and music, and also loves to DJ at events in Naarm. She brings her passion for community engagement, creativity and youth empowerment to her role as Youth Development Practitioner on the drum’s Drop-In programs in Collingwood and Richmond.


Meet Faly!
Peer Leader (he/him)

Faly is our Peer Leader who works on our Collingwood Drop In and Richmond Mix programs. He is passionate about uplifting young people and building community. He recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Development as he has plans to go home to Madagascar to run locally based projects, however his focus is currently dedicated towards empowering young people in Naarm. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, playing sport and socialising with friends and family.


Meet Akolda!
Peer Leader (he/him)

Akolda is one of our Peer Leaders at the drum Yarra who brings a passion for music, art and connecting with young people through shared experiences through his work. Akolda holds a Diploma in Community Services and takes a leading role at our Collingwood Youth Drop-In, The Venny Boys Group and RYMS programs.



Meet Christobel!
Youth Development Practitioner (she/they)

Christobel is the Youth Development Practitioner for the drum Yarra team – she supports our Richmond Mix programs and is the lead for RYMS (Real Youth Music Studios). She also works with our friends FLN Youth (Fitzroy Learning Network Youth) on their Youth Sewing Program. She studies psychology at uni and is super interested in how music and creative practices benefits our wellbeing.



How Can I get Involved?


For organisations wanting to reach out to support the drum Yarra please contact Ayub at or 0436 820 805

If you’re a parent or guardian wanting to find out how to get your children involved please email and/or connect with us through Facebook and Instagram.