Work experience and student placements with the drum


the drum loves to host work experience and student placements. We see this as a great opportunity to provide young people with positive experiences that enable them to navigate employment and career pathways. We take work experience, VCAL, TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

As part of our commitment to building the communities we work in, we prioritise providing these opportunities to young people who live, work or have a strong connection to Carlton and Parkville and/or who are of:

  • Diverse cultural, ‘racial’, ethnic and religious backgrounds
  • Refugee and humanitarian entrant background
  • International students
  • Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI+)
  • Public housing residents

So, hit us up, put in an application! Click here to do so.

What can you expect?

The type of placement you have with us will be influenced by what level of study you are doing and what your study is about. We do try really hard to make sure all students get practical experience in the community and with young people as well as some of the behinds the scenes stuff that we need to do to plan programs and activities.

Check out the types of programs and activities we currently run to get see what type of opportunities there are. If there are particular programs or activities you are interested in you let us know through the online application process.

What’s our application process?

All placement applications are reviewed with consideration of current opportunities, our capacity and your supervision requirements. Your completed form will be held securely and confidentially.

We will endeavour to get back to you within 10 working days after receiving your application.

Work experience and VCAL students (and other secondary school students) can apply online or speak directly to one of our friendly youth workers! Most schools expect that students will have their work placement forms signed before you can start with us. These forms usually are signed by someone at the secondary school, a parent or guardian and our organisation. This is an important step to take before you can come for your placement with us!

All students at TAFE or University students need to apply online. If we have current opportunities, can meet your supervision requirements and you seem like a good ‘fit’ with our values and team we will invite you in for interview. We do this as we see a TAFE or Uni placement as an important part of preparing students for the workplace. It also allows us to check where you are at and you can check us out too! If we everyone thinks this would be a good fit, then we will get the paper work signed and then plan your placement with us.

How to get there

Most of our student placements are based out of our main office at 100 Drummond Street Carlton. Our office is located near the corner of Queensberry Street and Drummond Street Carlton- up towards the city. This means you can walk from Melbourne Central of Parliament Station in about 15 minutes. Or you can get a tram up Swanston Street and get off at Queensberry and head towards Exhibition Gardens.

As we want you to be involved in some of our work in the community you might need to get to one of our programs. This could include going to the community space at 480 Lygon Street Carlton, Kathleen Symes Community Centre and Library or Carlton Baths for instance.

Permission required

All student placements need to have signed papers from their school, TAFE or university.