OTF (Only The Fam)

OTF creates a space where the young men and women(17 – 25 years old) from Aboriginal backgrounds & African backgrounds who live in City Of Melbourne can be themselves, enjoy each other’s company creatively and have discussions in a safe space. The community needed a space to allow young people the opportunity for social engagement which can create a sense of empowerment, social awareness and break down barriers for young people. It also provides a space to upskill young people.

OTF (Only the Fam) is program designed to instill and build on the sense of belonging and connections between young people of African descent and young First Nation people. Partnering with Koorie Heritage Trust we will be bringing groups of young people that are at the beginning stages of getting to know each other.


Through this there will be consultation groups with young people from community before we hit off our first camp on 23rd – 25th September 2019. The will be another camp in early January 2020. These activities aim to highlight:

–       YP to have a voice

–       YP build life skills

–       YP feel confident in accessing services/pathways to support

–       YP can build trusting relationships

–       YP connected to with each other

–       YP connected to their communities

–       YP connected with other communities

–       YP feel safe and know their rights


If you have any questions about our meet-ups or about the camp, please send an email to idil.ali@ds.org.au, send a message to The Drum FB page. Or send a DM to us on our instagram page.