North Melbourne Leadership Group (Youth Advisory Committee)

We are committed to providing platforms for young people to have influence over their local communities. This means creating spaces, places and time for young people to talk about and respond to the things that matter for them.


As we have grown from delivering youth services in Carlton/Parkville to include young people in North Melbourne, Kensington & the CBD our approach to youth committees and other forms of youth participation is growing.

Historically, this has mean we’ve provided resources (staff, venue and project budgets) to the young people on the Carlton public housing estate. Here these tenacious young people have galvanised together to create opportunities for them and their peers to have influence over their local community. With the support of the drum the Carlton Youth Advisory (C’YA) meets monthly to discuss how to create the kind of environment they want for their family to grow up in.

As the new youth service provider in North Melbourne and Kensington we’ve learned more about what young people were up to at the local level. Engaging and responding to young people already active at the grass roots level is what we are prioritising from July- September 2018. We have details about the youth advisory committee in North Melbourne and will continue to support these young folks- so watch this space.


North Melbourne Leadership Group is currently on hold due to the C19 pandemic,

What can you expect in Carlton?

Since being established in early 2016, C’YA local six young people have meet monthly to discuss their concerns. They have voiced increased concerns about substance mis-use in their background. In response they have organised meetings and events where C’YA’s members and other residents have presented their worries about safety to CoHealth, the Department of Health & Human Services, Victoria Police, Wilson’s Security and the Church of all Nations. CYA’s members have also prepared reports and a short film about these concerns to undertake advocacy on this issue at the local and state government level.

If you come along to a CYA meeting you can expect to meet other young people committed to their local community. You can expect to talk about what kind of community you wanna live in, how to create that, and how to influence others to support this vision come to life.

What can you expect in North Melbourne?

Since the mid 2000’s cohealth supported a youth advisory committee to respond to concerns they had about growing up on the Estate and how they want to see the world look in 10 or 20 years. This means that some of the YAC have been around for a few years- using their knowledge to guide younger/emerging practitioners. It also means the group has shifting priorities as this time! They have talked about ‘reviving’ the advisory committee and involving their peers to support their well-being.

So, in short- whilst there are some ‘unpredictable’ things about the North Melbourne YAC cause the drum is new to supporting this group, what we can guarantee is some pretty darn committed young folks who meet regularly and want to respond to the needs of the coal community.

Can we help you attend?

You really just need to show up. But is you are shy or aren’t confident about doing this you can give us a holla and one of our friendly youth workers can make you feel comfortable and welcome.

How to get there

The community hub is on Lygon Street, between Palmerston Street and Alexander Parade. It is on the Carlton Public Housing Estate, at the bottom of the 480 tower.

To get here, you can catch tram number 1 or 8 and the closest stop is 113 or bus 200 or 200/207 combined

Is permission required?

Short answer – yes. Check out our resources section for the consent form!

ALSO – You can just turn up and meet other young people with a connection to Carlton and Parkville. If you start attending regularly we will ask you to complete a registration form.

Why do you need to complete a registration form?

the drum’s registration form should have all the dets you need, and also for your parent, guardian or carer.  The form outlines what the activities are, including ours and yours responsibilities. We also need emergency contact details, we usually don’t need them, but just in case we need to contact your parent, guardian or carer in case of an emergency. It is also useful to know – and if we don’t ask – we don’t know about any spiritual, health and wellbeing needs you may have.

If you are under 18 the registration form needs to be signed by your parent, carer or guardian to complete registration form.

If you are over 18 you can sign this for yourself but we’ll still need some emergency contact details.

We absolutely keep your information confidential and we respect your privacy.

If you want to be super organised and bring the registration form on your first visit to the program check out our resources section. Otherwise, we can provide a paper copy when you attend the program.