endorsement meaning in banking: Essentials of a valid Endorsement: a detailed list with explanation


The level of underpricing found (3.64%3.95%) is much lower than that found by other studies. Bank ownership of an issue’s underwriter is found to be significantly related to lower underpricing. However, this appears to be due to the fact that banks acquire high prestige underwriters and not due to bank ownership per se. You may need an endorsement if you have items of value, or if you’ve experienced a change to your home or business. It’s a good practice to review all your policies each year to ensure that they meet your current needs.


An example of restrictive endorsement is an account payee cheque that cannot be transferred to any other person except the name mentioned in it. In general, the word “only” gets combined with the name of the endorsee, which means the fund can only get issued to a specified person, and he cannot re-endorse such Cheque to others.  If the payee’s or the endorsee’s name is spelt wrongly, he should sign the name as spelt in the instrument and write the correct spelling within brackets.  A negotiable instrument endorsed in blank is payable to the bearer thereof even though originally payable to order .  The endorsement must be signed by the holder or his duly authorised agent.

Endorsement definition

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Moreover, it may restrict the rights of any subsequent holder. If the seller agrees to this type of bank endorsement, the buyer, or importer, has their bank issue a letter of credit to the seller on behalf of the buyer’s bank. Then, once the goods have shipped, the seller can present their documents to the issuing bank and collect payment.

  • Thus C gets the right to receive payment only on the happening of a particular event, i.e. if he returns from London.
  • If the endorsement is a blank endorsement , the check becomes a negotiable instrument and can then be used by any other party.
  • An endorsement is an amendment or special clause to a document or contract, an authorizing signature, or a public declaration of support.
  • Thomas’ experience gives him expertise in a variety of areas including investments, retirement, insurance, and financial planning.

The person who effects an endorsements is called an ‘endorser’ and the person to whom negotiable instrument is transferred by endorsement are called the ‘endorsee’. A public declaration of support for a person, product, or service is also called an endorsement. A bank endorsement is a bank’s authorization on a negotiable instrument. The instrument is generally created by the bank’s customer and is payable to the holder.

Endorsement in Insurance Policy

It can be issued during your policy term, at the time of purchase, or when you renew the plan. A bank endorsement affirms the bank will honor any obligation that the bank customer makes in regard to a transaction involving a payment issued to a recipient. The restrictive endorsement is an arrangement that produces results on the occurrence of an expressed occasion, or not something else. Where an endorser so prohibits his risk and a short time later turns into the holder of the instrument, all intermediates endorsers are obligated to him.

Suppose Nick issued a check for his son, Jim, to help him meet some urgent expenses. The former put his signature on the check correctly, and the latter endorsed the check with his signature only. It means that if Jim misplaces it and it falls into the wrong hands, Nick can lose his funds to an unknown person. When holder signs the instrument with an intention to negotiate it, it is called an endorsement. A simple signature of the holder on a negotiable instrument without any additional word constitutes an endorsement.

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In business or legal matters, an endorsement refers to a signature or an equivalent stamp that authorizes payment or a transfer of funds, or other financial transaction. It also refers to a note, amendment, or clause to an official document or contract that modifies or specifies terms. In the literal sense, a bank endorsement occurs when the bank stamps, signs, or uses some other form of authorization to guarantee that a negotiable instrument will be honored. So, in plain and simple terms, a bank endorsement is your bank’s promise to a seller that they will pay for something you purchased even if you can not. Confining endorsement suggests restriction of endorsing the document to the other parties, i.e., the endorsee cannot approve it again to any third party.

letter of credit

The endorsement confers the property in the instrument to the endorsee with the right of further negotiation. A letter of credit does not work on a time draft function like a banker’s acceptance. There are many different types of letters of credit, including commercial letters of credit, standby letters of credit, and revolving letters of credit. A blank endorsement is a simple signature, and does not specify the endorsee.

If more than one person is listed as a payee on the check, then the endorsement requirements differ depending on how the names are written. (For example, if the check is written out to John Doe and Jane Doe, both people must sign the check.) If the check is written out to John Doe or Jane Doe, then only one signature is required. Post Federal Reserve Board amendments, since July 1, 2018, banks require their clients to add the words “For Mobile Deposit Only” below the endorsement on mobile check deposits.

You do a endorsement meaning in banking endorsement by simply signing your name on the back of the check. Then, when you’re at the bank, you tell the teller if you want to cash it or deposit it. A Negotiable instrument as stated under Sec 13 of the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881 can be transferred in the following modes – 1. Signing the back of a check to be cashed is called a blank endorsement.

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Essentially, a banker’s acceptance or time draft is a negotiable document where a bank unconditionally agrees to fulfill a payment obligation on behalf of the customer that created it. This process is known as “Endorsement in an insurance policy”. The endorsement can be done from the issuing office from where the policy has been issued. Some endorsements are done free by the insurance companies whereas some get charged as endorsement fees.


I would just say ‘it is an assurance that the https://1investing.in/ will uphold the commitments of its client’. Endorsements are used between the client, bank and international parties as well. When two parties don’t know each other, the endorsement given by the bank creates a feeling of mutual trust amongst everyone. A deposit endorsement is a statement “for deposit only,” making the endorsee the collection agent. The intent is to have the endorser deposit the instrument with that party’s bank. Due to her advanced age she normally doesn’t handle her own finances but a few days ago she had to issue a check for one of her grandsons to help him with certain payment.

She signed the check properly but his grandson endorsed it with just his signature. On the other hand, the beneficiary also has to acknowledge that he is receiving that amount of money from the holder. Thus, he can decide whether to exchange it for cash or to deposit the funds in his own account. A bank endorsement helps both parties feel confident they will have a trusted transaction. According to the Negotiable Instrument Act , every drawer of the instrument should endorse and negotiate the instrument; no one can represent another.

It can also refer to an amendment made to a document or contract, for example, an insurance endorsement. Moreover, it also refers to a public statement of support for a service, product, or person. When a bank endorses a client, no matter the type of endorsement. Private and public banks offer many features to the customers.

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A type of endorsement where the endorsee limits or negatives his liability by putting some condition in the instrument is called a conditional endorsement. In this type of endorsement contains not only the signature of the endorser but also the name of the person in whose favour the endorsement is made, then it is an endorsement in full. If the crossing on a cheque is cancelled, it is called opening of the crossing. Only the drawer of the cheque is entitled to open the crossing of the cheque by writing the words “Pay Cash” and canceling the crossing along with his full signature.

“The word endorsement is said to have been derived from Latin ‘en’ means ‘upon’ and ‘dorsum’ meaning ‘the back’. Thus usually the endorsement is on the back of the instrument though it may be even on the face of it. Where no space is left on the instrument, the endorsement may be made on a slip of paper attached to it.

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