VoiceFest (VK17)

Program Description

Voicefest is a youth led festival. It brings together young folks from diverse communities and backgrounds to share and learn from each other’s expression. All its events are conceived of, planned and delivered by young people – for young people with a connection to the City of Melbourne.

With support from FREEZA funding a super-dynamic group of young people drawn from all the communities we assertively engage work on a committee to plan events elevating young people’s voices. In the past this has included festivals and other platforms for young people hear each other, and learn from each individual voice.

Because these are FREEZA funded vents they are drug and alcohol free and fully supervised by our youth development practitioners.

The brainchild of a Youth Peer Leader, Idil Ali, VoiceFest provides a fun and safe spaces for differences to be viewed and experienced as something that makes our community strong.

Young folks can use their passion and creativity by being on the committee that activities for young people’s voices to be heard. Or people if you want to expression yourself via things like spoken word, art, music (rock, acoustic, whatever!) or other ways.

There are different ways you can be involved in Voice. You can for example:

Be a committee member– which gives you opportunities to learn skills you need to plan fun events and to work with others to plan fun events for other young folk. This can mean using your creative vision or learning about event planning as two examples.

We are also looking for young folk who are performers and artists. You could be zine maker, spoken word artist, rock god or a percussionist…. All of these types of people can create opportunities to be involved. We don’t discrimination against different genre’s lol.

Or you can volunteer, which is a great way to meet other folks, use or develop new skills. Some times we’ve had volunteers do our design work, volunteer on the day of an event running activities. We are open to ideas!

voicefest welcome to countryWhat can you expect?

VK2016 in Dec was Trades Hall and performers included Artful Dodgers Studios, Soreti B Kadir, Nyuon, Last Minute, Marz Cooper, Black Souled Shoes, Amanda J Bier, Dig Deep, Outer Urban Projects, Sisters on the Mic all performed. We also had badge making by YGender and Ethiopian food by Saba’s to raise funds for RISE.

VK2016 for Youth Week (in April) was different… We had more than 400 people attended Neill Street Reserve on Rathdowne Street Carlton for open mic, music, sport, bubble soccer and Crepes for Change. Performers included SK SIMEON, Umbra, Tina Bartle Music, Folkie & The Punk, Sharifa AbdulRazzak Tartoussi, Khai Shin & Ee Vy, Horrible People, X MINUS, Arak: Band, shout, Dalia Sara Gala, The Bit Crush.

Can we help you attend?

If you are new to Carlton & Parkville and you want (or you know someone) who might need some encouragement or support to attend give us a holla and one of the drum’s friendly team members can help this happen.

How to get there?

If you wanna be involved in the VF2K17 the committee meetings are held at our main office at 100 Drummond Street Carlton. Our office is located near the corner of Queensberry Street and Drummond Street Carlton- up towards the city. This means you can walk from Melbourne Central of Parliament Station in about 15 minutes. Or you can get a tram up Swanston Street and get off at Queensberry and head towards Exhibition Gardens.

Is permission required?

Short answer – yes. Click on this link to complete simple registration form.

ALSO – You can just turn up and meet other young men with a connection to Carlton and Parkville. If you start attending regularly we will ask you to complete a registration form.

Why do you need to complete a registration form?

the drum’s registration form should have all the dets you need, and also for your parent, guardian or carer.  The form outlines what the activities are, including ours and yours responsibilities. We also need emergency contact details, we usually don’t need them, but just in case we need to contact your parent, guardian or carer in case of an emergency. It is also useful to know – and if we don’t ask – we don’t know about any spiritual, health and wellbeing needs you may have.

If you are under 18 the registration form needs to be signed by your parent, carer or guardian to complete registration form.

If you are over 18 you can sign this for yourself but we’ll still need some emergency contact details.

We absolutely keep your information confidential and we respect your privacy.

If you want to be super organised and bring the registration form on your first visit to the program click here. Otherwise, we can provide a paper copy when you attend the program.

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