Funders and partners

the drum is thankful for the support of the City of Melbourne, which has funded the drum youth services to support young people (12-25yrs) who live, work, study and play in Carlton/Parkville since July 2009.

The drum, with the support of the City of Yarra, in partnership with Youth Services, has extended our Youth Peer Leaders program, including the delivery of programs, events and activities for young people (8-21yrs) living in Collingwood and Richmond towers/estates.

The drum’s (in)visible program connects young queer and trans people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds through community workshops and events.

(in)visible connects young queer and trans people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds through community workshops and events. It is by and for young queer and transgender people of color (QTIPOC). (in)visible recognizes that for QTIPOC young people, their wellbeing is explicitly intersectional. Encompassing religious, cultural or ethnically diverse and their gender and/or sexual identity. Supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

The living intersections project is funded by Hey Grants.  The (in)visible team identified the lack of information and support specific to the experience of young people with multiple, intersecting identities (QTIPOC). Supported by YACVIC, the (in)visible team are currently working on an information resource for young QTIPOC, as well as other sectors.

In 2018 the team received funding by the Victorian State Government’s Engage program to deliver ‘Only in the Fam’ (OITF) over 3 years.

OITF is by and for young people who reside in public housing in Carlton and Parkville. Its particular focus is young people of colour and/or First Nations young people.

It will speak to young people’s creativity, often being the first in their family, to navigate things that others might not have. It recognises that young people are excited by and through positive peer learning, including how to make their way through challenging times and spaces to realise their hopes. OITF will be in partnership with a First Nations Controlled organisation.

Only in the Fam centres the unique knowledge of young people and their respective communities through co-design processes that are central to the design and delivery of programming to:

  • Increase knowledge, skills and pathways to education, employment, training and belonging:
  • Increase their and their peers sense of belonging across and within marginalised community groups: and
  • Enhance and build cross-generational community conversations.

the drum acknowledges and thanks all our funders and community partners for their support.

Victoria Government Logo

The drum deliver’s Voicefest as part of the Victorian Government’s initiative FReeZA that supports young Victorians to get involved in their community by planning and running drug, smoke and alcohol-free music and cultural events for other young people.

VoiceFest provides creative space for diverse young people in the City Of Melbourne. VoiceFest offer a range of youth-led events that range from: music, sports, culture, word, and visual arts.